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When John McDermott joined Vascular Therapies in 2019, he turned to a decade-long partnership with Alluvia Studio to create quality collateral for his company including a new website, logo, social media graphics, and more.

Vascular Therapies
Vascular Therapies
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Improving vascular access by reducing surgical stenosis

For patients on hemodialysis, treatment is required 3 days a week. Stenosis is a major threat to AV fistula (the preferred access option) with up to 50% of fistula requiring additional procedures or failing altogether within 6-12 months. Vascular Therapies is committed to improving vascular access by focusing on reducing surgical stenosis. They developed Sirogen™, a collagen and sirolimus implant designed to prevent stenosis and ensure blood flow to support consistent hemodialysis. Vascular Therapies recently completed enrollment in a Phase III Clinical trial to determine if Sirogen™ can improve outcomes for patients requiring an AV fistula for hemodialysis.

Alluvia Studio has worked with Vascular Therapies CEO John McDermott for the last 10 years on his various business ventures. When he joined Vascular Therapies, John reached out to us to continue providing valuable marketing deliverables. Since then, we redesigned the Vascular Therapies website, logo, and have created other collateral that serve to inspire their mission.

Some of our work with Vascular Therapies has included:

Social media graphics
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