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Hear from some of our clients

"Rachel is a very strong medical device marketer. In our recent market introduction of breakthrough technology for critically ill patients, she was the leader in developing marketing materials for training positioning and promoting this new technology. The work was creative, polished and extremely professional. Rachel knows how to work closely with key opinion leaders, customers and corporate functions to come with impressive results in limited time. Rachel is smart and experienced in a complex industry. We typically do this kind of work with our own employees, but with Rachel’s capabilities we made a very fortunate exception. Rachel is a delight to work with and we have lots of fun working together on difficult projects."
Yaron Keidar
Vice President Corporate Development, Edwards Lifesciences
"Rachel has a truly unmatched skillset. She made substantial contributions to the marketing and communications efforts at Endologix for several years. I can say without hesitation that she has become a truly indispensable partner for me and has taken my lectures and presentations to a new level. I’ve told Rachel more than once that she is able to “read my mind,” translating abstract concepts into engaging visuals that engage and excite audiences. I know that when I contact Rachel, she will always be ready to help and go above and beyond to meet aggressive timelines. Rachel delivers consistently excellent work, and adds a fun, energetic attitude to our collaborations. I highly recommend engaging with Rachel on marketing or presentation needs."
Robert Mitchell
Founder RDM Enterprises, LLC
“Rachel has been a critical resource and partner to me and my teams in achieving our marketing goals over the years. Rachel has an extensive background in the healthcare industry including hospital marketing as well as medical device marketing and sales that give her a unique perspective. These experiences, combined with her passion, drive and commitment to quality results allow Rachel to stand out among her peers.”
Amanda DePalma
Head of Corporate and Regional Marketing, Siemens Healthineers
“I have recently begun working with Rachel to develop materials such as investor pitch decks and executive summaries.  Rachel has a unique capability/expertise in laying out clear and concise communication. She brings along depth of upstream and downstream marketing in medtech to help CEOs develop a good story along with effective communications.”
Amir Tehrani
CEO, RMx Medical
"As I reflect on the last two decades working with and in Marketing, Rachel stands out as one of the most skillful, insightful, and intuitive marketing partners on any of my development teams.  Rachel's skillfulness to swing between inspirational strategic thinking to practical execution of customer insights was evident. Her planning and subsequent analysis of quantitative market research and price-demand studies fed one of the company's most compelling business cases and NPV in recent memory. What is most notable about Rachel is her ability to understand the context of complex value-based purchasing and establish a go-to-market strategy for a new-to-world solution for healthcare. I highly recommend Rachel if you want a passionate marketing partner to find unrealized growth opportunities!"
Eric Agdeppa, PhD
GM & Executive Director, Global Innovation, Hillrom